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10 Ways to Use a Blank Notebook

If you’re like me you love notebooks! Every time I see a new, shiny and colorful notebook I just want to buy it. It doesn’t matter if it has a soft cover or a hard cover, if it is bound with staples or rings it just calls me and I smile and buy it. So now I have all these notebooks the question is what to do with them…

1.Record Your Dreams

We dream every night. I always wake up in the morning remembering the dream for a few minutes and then it disappears. Document your dream as long as you remember it and you’ll have a collection of wonderful stories that will give you an amazing insight to who you are.

2. Recipe Journal

A recipe journal is more than just a recipe book. Of course you have all your favorite recipes in it but you also journal about when you cooked them and for who. Was it a party, a regular dinner, what did people say about it and what ideas you have to improve or change it.

3. Idea Book

As a designer and teacher I get ideas all the time. So I have a little notebook that I carry with me all the time where I write or sketch my ideas so I won’t forget them. Some develop into projects or classes and some don’t but at least I have the option of using them because they were not lost.

4. Quotes Journal

I love quotes. I always look for quotes to post on Facebook, add to my layouts and art journal pages or hang on my studio wall. Whenever I find a quote I love I write it down in my quote journal.

5. To Do lists

I don’t like planners. I don’t like the restrictions of the times and dates so I have my own notebook for writing down what I need to do and when. This way I don’t get stressed by the passing hours and days. In this notebook I have lists of my blog posts, deadlines and other projects I need to complete.

6. My Bucket List

Have a special notebook for all the things you want to do and places you want to go. Add photos of those places or visual representations for the those goals you want to achieve. it’ll be fun to go through it and remind yourself of this list!

7. Vacation Journal

I have a vacation journal for every vacation or trip I ever had. Not only do I document all the memories and experiences this way but it becomes really easy to create mini albums or layouts and add that info to them.

8. Bedtime pages

Every day before you go to sleep write clear your mind by writing about your worries, problems and good things that happened during the day. Not only will it make you sleep better you’ll be surprised how focused you’ll be in the morning!

9. Plan an Event

If you have a big event to plan like a wedding or an anniversary a notebook will be the perfect place to keep the guest lists, prices, color swatches etc.

10. Food Journal

Write down what you eat and how much you drink to help you eat write and be healthy. It’s amazing how we lose track of what we put in our mouths and how things are different when we need to be accountable.

You can probably think of many more ideas to use empty notebooks, so go on and buy one!

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