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19 DIY Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

Mother’s Day just passed, and Father’s Day is just around the corner. What have you planned to get your parents? While you could plan a spa day and brunch at a favorite restaurant like you did last year…and the year before that…and the year before that, what’s the fun in repeating those plans? Consider doing something unique this year by creating DIY gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

When you think of handmade gifts, you probably envision the dried pasta necklaces you made when you were a kid. While that was a great idea when you were a child, you’d probably like to make something a bit more polished these days. From gardening crafts to DIY bath products, you can make something unique and appreciated. With these DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and every other day on the calendar, you’ll find an assortment of projects that will show mom and dad how much they mean to you.

DIY Bath Products For Pampering And Unwinding

Could mom and dad use a little bit of pampering? After a long, hard day of work, running errands, and just being awesome, your parents could use a little break. With these DIY bath products, you can encourage your mom and dad to take a time out just to relax and refocus. You’ll also love that you can make something unique and to their tastes without breaking your budget. Mom and dad will love unwinding with a warm bath complete with DIY bath bombs or soaking in style with a wood bath caddy. To truly make the present special, consider placing it in a pretty jar with a lid that’s also tied with a ribbon. Bring the spa to mom and dad in a big way with these additional DIY bath products.

Get Cooking With DIY Canned Items

Those who cook occasionally and foodies alike will love receiving a jar or two of homemade canned items. Although canning salsa and peaches might be off the table in your area in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you still have plenty of options. A jar of homemade bacon jam for spreading on toast or pizza will be much appreciated, while those who love to grill will enjoy using this tasty (and easy to make!) seasoning rub. Don’t forget to create some homemade labels, too! You’ll also want to take a look at these incredible ideas for DIY canned items.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gardening Crafts

Whether your mom has a green thumb or dad simply likes to spend time outdoors, tapping into their love of the garden is always a great gift idea. Homemade garden markers are an on-trend way to help the veggie garden stay organized. Do you have siblings? You can each create a homemade stepping stone that your parents will treasure for years to come. Making a gardening craft for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a unique departure from the standard gifts of ties and a bouquet of flowers. You’ll want to see these unique DIY gardening crafts for gift ideas, too.

 What are your top DIY gifts for mom and dad?