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20 Unique Printable Valentines

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. That probably has something to do with the fact that my parents would buy my sisters and me chocolates every year for the holiday when we were growing up, but my love for  Valentine’s Day has extended beyond even that tradition. I think that Valentine’s Day is such a unique time of year because people are encouraged to tell people how they really feel about them. It’s always fun to get Valentines from friends, family, and significant others expressing their love and appreciation for you. What’s even more fun than receiving Valentines, however, is giving them, especially if they are homemade cards. Finding that perfect Valentine for the right person can be exciting, but buying cards for everyone on your list can be way too expensive and exhausting. Printable cards are always a great option because they save you both time and money, but they can be hard to find. That’s where we’ve got you covered:  we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 20 Unique Printable Valentines.

20 Unique Printable Valentines

Now instead of heading out to the store to buy your Valentine’s day cards, you can scroll through our many options in the comfort of your own home, find that “perfect fit” card for all of the people on your list, and simply print them out when you’re done. It’s that easy! These unique free printables aren’t your average lovey-dovey cards. All of these cards have something special about them, whether that be a scratch-off strip, a mini envelope, or a wonderfully awful pun.

20 Unique Printable Valentines

You're Just My Type Valentine

1.  You’re Just My Type Valentine

2.  You Rock My World Valentine

3.  Fun Foodie Valentine

4.  Arr Matey Printable Pirate Valentine

5.  DIY Scratch-Off Valentine

6.  Whale You Be Mine?

7.  Arrow Through my Heart Valentine

You Suit Me Valentine

8.  You Suit Me Valentine

9.  Printable Toy Plane Valentine

10.  Bee Mine?

11.  Printable Valentines and Sleeves

12.  Baked with Love Valentine

13.  Teddy Bear with a Big Heart Printable Valentine

14.  I Love You a Latte Valentine

15.  You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart ValentineYou've Stolen a Pizza My Heart Valentine

16.  Precious Printable Valentines

17.  Lots and Lots of Printable Valentines

18.  Radical Rainbow Loom Valentine

19.  I Mustache You a Question

20.  Candy Heart Printable Valentine


What’s your favorite bad Valentine’s Day pun?