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20 Ways To Store And Use Your Paper Scraps

Images courtesy of (from left to right): crate.typepad.com, mmmcrafts.blogspot.com, blog.tombowusa.com

Images courtesy of (from left to right): crate.typepad.com, mmmcrafts.blogspot.com, blog.tombowusa.com

So how small is too small when saving paper scraps from your paper crafting projects?  Do you toss it if it is under a certain size or are you like me and you pretty much save them all!  Where someone else might find a scrap too small to save, I look at it and see an embellishment for a scrapbook layout or card. Most patterned papers are so pretty it seems like a shame to toss the scraps when they can be layered and repurposed in your DIY paper crafting projects.  Lets start with some ideas on how to organize your scraps, I am not gonna’ lie, mine are stored in a couple of boxes I received scrapbooking kits in so I need help in this department too.  Don’t you just love how pretty the scraps are once they are organized Roy G. Biv style?

Image courtesy of: avegasgirlatheart.com

Image courtesy of: avegasgirlatheart.com

If you toss your scraps because you aren’t sure how to store and keep up with them, check out these storage ideas that will help you save your scraps whatever the size.

Storing 6×6 Paper and Scraps

Paper Scrap Storage

Simple Scrap Storage

Card Stock Scrap Storage

Image courtesy of: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Image courtesy of: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Now that you are organized and your scraps are sorted and readily available, let’s get started with some projects to put those scraps to use.  Because of their size, cards are a perfect way to use your scrap stash..

Paper Scraps Greeting Cards

Making Cards From Scraps (with sketches!)

More Cards From Scraps

Paper Scrap Birthday Cards

Scrap Cards to Make

Image courtesy of: bethapalooza.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of: bethapalooza.blogspot.com

As a scrapbooker, one of my favorite ways to use up scraps is to make embellishments.  I love layering up as many scraps as I can to create sweet little embellishments to add to layouts, tags, and cards. You can even create your own patterned paper for layouts and cards from scraps!

Embellishments Using Scraps

Don’t Trash The Scraps Embellishment Video

DIY Scrap Embellishments

Scrap Tags

Patterned Paper From Scraps

Image courtesy of: burlapandblue.com

Image courtesy of: burlapandblue.com

Think off the page with these paper scrap projects.  Create one of a kind wall decor in any color to match your decor or even make your own handmade paper to create future projects with.

Paper Scrap Garlands

Handmade Scrap Paper

Paper Beads

Paper Scraps Collage

Paper Scraps Wall Art

Herringbone Wall Decor

How have you used paper scraps in your projects?