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25 DIY Advent Calendars

One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is that of the mad dash to the advent calendar each morning in an effort to beat my brother at opening the little paper door which revealed a small piece of chocolate. My parents always bought a new calendar each Christmas season and it is a tradition we started with our daughter as well. Driven by the memories of those waxy little pieces of chocolate, we have purchased our advent calendar in the the past, but this year I have decided I would like to make our own calendar and fill it with treats and and small toys.

25 DIY Advent Calendars

Images courtesy of (from left to right): mrprintables.com, morningcreativity.com, thefoxandstar.co.uk

When I started looking for DIY advent calendar ideas, I also started learning more about the origins of the calendar itself. The tradition of advent calendars dates back to the mid-19th century with the first printed advent calendars being produced in the early 1900s. Advent calendars mark the days leading up to Christmas and start on the 1st of December. Each day, a little door or window with the date on it is opened to reveal a small piece of chocolate, a picture, or Bible verse. These days, as advent calendars have gotten more elaborate, you can now find them filled with small gifts or toys as well. What began as a simple and generally flat calendar, started to transform into 3-dimensional free-standing calendars shortly after WWII where little towns or villages could be assembled from cardboard with doors to open each day. Traditional doors and windows have now been replaced by library pockets, treat bags, and even woodland creatures that open up to reveal treats! Ready to create your own DIY advent calendar this year? Check out these 25 advent calendar ideas that are perfect for the crafter who loves paper crafts, and there are even printable options if you find yourself in a time crunch!

25 DIY Advent Calendars


Image courtesy of fynesdesigns.com

Image courtesy of fynesdesigns.com

DIY Instagram Advent

Milk Carton Advent Calendar

Easy DIY Advent Calendar

Geometric Advent Calendar

Countdown To Christmas

DIY Punchbox Advent




Image courtesy of northstory.ca

Image courtesy of northstory.ca

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Calendar

Upcycled Advent Calendar

Big Box Advent Calendar

Christmas Countdown Fortune Cookies




Image courtesy of thepaintedhive.net

Image courtesy of thepaintedhive.net

Christmas Advent Wall Chart

Winter Wonderland Advent

Advent Calendar Treat Bags

Christmas Advent Jar

Falling Stars Paper Bag Advent

Elf Advent Tubes

Cone Trees Advent Calendar



Image courtesy of powerful mothering.com

Image courtesy of powerful mothering.com

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Mini Envelope Christmas Advent

DIY Boxes Advent Calendar

Free Printable Advent Calendar With Bible Verses

Free Printable Vintage Advent

Printable Town & Houses Advent

Owl Advent Calendar




What is your favorite Christmas candy?