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30 Minute Rag Quilt

If you’re anything like me, your linen closets are filled with old towels and rags that you will never use. And your drawers are full to bursting with old t-shirts that you will never wear again but just can’t bring yourself to throw out. If this is the case, then we’ve got the perfect solution to lighten up those drawers! This easy 30 Minute Rag Quilt Tutorial takes all of your old rags and turns them into a colorful and cute quilt!

30 Minute Rag Quilt

If you can sew in a straight line and have 30 minutes to spare, then you can easily pull off this adorable rag quilt. This tutorial comes with instructions to create several different types of quilts, including diagonal stripes and triangles! This is also a perfect craft to try when you’re in the midst of spring cleaning. Instead of throwing all of those fabric scraps away, turn them into something useful!

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Let us know—what’s your favorite way to use old fabric scraps?