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42 Back to School Paper Crafts

August is here, which means school is right around the corner. In between trying to squeeze as much summer fun into the few remaining weeks of the season, you also have to start prepping for back to school. This can mean anything from school supply shopping to dusting off last year’s text books for a quick study session to make sure you haven’t forgotten everything you learned last year.

For some people, the prospect of school starting again is an exciting one, but for others, it’s definitely less than fun. One way to brighten your mood about school is by crafting! These 42 Back to School Crafts may not take your mind off school starting, but they might just put you in the right mindset. Be careful, though: you might actually start looking forward to the new school year!

42 Back to School Crafts

DIY Gifts for Teachers

Start the school year on the right foot by bringing your teacher a gift on the first day of school. Whether it’s just a creative card or a full-blown, carefully-crafted present, show your teacher just how much you appreciate their hard work with these DIY teacher gifts.

Make Your Own School Supplies

While back-to-school shopping is arguably one of the most fun shopping trips of the year, sometimes you want a more individual take on certain school supplies. Why show up to class with the same notebook as everyone else when you can make your own?

Crafty Bookmarks

Reading is fundamental, and if your child is starting to read chapter books, it might be time to invest in a bookmark or two (or eight). Each of these bookmark crafts, from origami bookmarks to quirky printable place markers, will be right at home in any book.

Study Station Helpers

Homework isn’t anyone’s favorite thing, but with the help of these handy homework planners and organizers, you might be just a little more motivated to do it. Keep track of when assignments are due with one of the to-do lists and keep your extra-curricular activities straight with the printable calendars. You’ll be happy you did.

Educational Games and Worksheets

After a whole summer, you’re bound to forget a few things going into the new school year. Brush up on some of those old lessons in the last few weeks before classes begin with these easy printable games, worksheets, and flashcards.

What are you most excited about for the new school year? Let us know below in the comments!

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