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50+ Nostalgic Easy Kids Crafts from your Childhood

Just like fashion trends and tech fads, crafts have experienced their own evolution. Whether your nostalgia stems from classic summer activities or school art classes, one thing is for sure. Everyone’s favorite childhood crafting materials are making a comeback, or they may have never even left! Take a trip down memory lane with one of these 50+ Nostalgic Easy Kids Crafts from your Childhood.

Kids will love these blast-from-the-past crafts with a modern twist, and you’ll have just as much fun exploring your favorite childhood pastimes right along with them. There’s something special about watching your kids take part in activities you used to enjoy, and now you can pass down those happy memories with a nostalgic craft or two. You may be surprised to see that many of the crafting materials that were popular in your day are still around. The difference being that the possibilities have expanded tenfold.

50+ Nostalgic Easy Kids Crafts from your Childhood

Perler and Pony Bead Crafts for Kids

Just looking at these melted bead crafts is enough to take me back to carefully placing each bead in its proper place and then melting them into a beautiful piece of artwork. And, of course there were always pony beads to make into fun keychains and DIY bracelets for friends. Perler and Pony beads are pretty much guaranteed to provide your kids with hours of entertainment and opportunities to express their creativity!

Weaving Yarn Kids Craft Ideas

If you didn’t make a God’s eye weaving pattern at least once, were you even a kid? OK, maybe perler beads weren’t your thing, but weaving was everyone’s thing. These yarn crafts have to ring a bell, and your kids are destined to love them too!

Paper Maché Easy Kids Crafts

No matter if you were making a paper maché model craft for a school project or constructing a paper maché animal figure for your art class, the results were always pretty cool. Who knew you could make any 3D shapes you wanted with newspaper and a quick homemade mixture? Although watching your model come together is amazing, the best part is painting these easy kids crafts after they dry!

Color-ific Tie-Dye Kids Projects

You could never have too many tie-dyed t-shirts. In fact, you could never have too many tied-dyed accessories. Tie-dye shirts, headbands, and even shorts are a bold fashion risk kids are always willing to take. Re-live your summer camp memories of perfecting that tie-dye shirt with one of these easy kids crafts. Add a burst of color to your day for old times sake!

Easy Kids Crafts with Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle stick crafts are truly awesome because you’re creating something totally cool out of basically nothing. Sometimes the simplest materials are the best to work with because there’s so many creative ways to use them. Let your child’s imagination really take off with one of these nostalgic kids crafts that will remind you of a much simpler time and place.

What was your favorite thing to make as a kid? Share with us in the comments below!

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