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The ABCs of Back to School Paper Crafting

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It’s hard to believe, but it is that time of year again and back to school is right around the corner.  Where did the summer go?  I feel like I blinked and it’s over!  Bags of school supplies have made their way home along with our groceries, and the hunt for the perfect backpack is in full swing.  I have to admit that, as a paper crafter, I get a little excited when the aisles in the stores start filling up with school supplies and a few things for me sneak home with my daughter’s supplies!

Today we are sharing some of our favorite back to school paper crafting ideas.  From fun teacher gifts to homemade locker accessories, we are making back to school crafting as easy as A, B, C!

Back to School Paper Crafts


Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas

A is for apple and A is for awesome teacher gifts.  We have rounded up lots of DIY tutorials from a traditional apple themed gift to a customized clipboard. We have plenty of other smart crafting ideas that are sure to put you at the head of the paper crafting class.

A pic

Apple Core Spool Card

Teacher’s Pet Post-It Holder

Apple Shaped Book Tutorial

Backpack Gift Boxes

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tags

Handmade Note Pad


Brilliant Book Crafts and Bling

B is for books as well as bling.  We have found some fun ways to bling out your books and notebooks this year with these fun DIY tutorials, many of which use paper and supplies that most paper crafters and DIYers already have on hand.  These are guaranteed to make homework fun!

B pic

Customized Notebooks

Scraptastic Spiral Notebook Cover

Crafty Canvas Notebook Cover

Embellished Composition Notebook

DIY School Book Cover


Crayon and Craft Storage Solutions

C is for Crayons.  Crayons and all of those other school supplies tend to multiply and end up everywhere!  We are sharing some DIY storage solutions for homework supplies as well all of that stuff that makes its way home in overflowing backpacks.

C pic

DIY Stylish Organizer box

Paper Roll Pencil Organizer

Upcycled Crayon/Marker Box

Juice Box Art Caddy

Homemade Locker Accessories



Have you started back to school shopping yet?