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Bargained Beauty: 19 Ways to be Fashionable on a Budget

Affordable fashion is hard to find these days, especially when everyone wants the latest trends. Unfortunately, fashions change too fast these days, which means you’re having to constantly restock on clothes! Hm . . . If only there was a solution to this problem.

You’re going to want to think twice before throwing out that old raggedy t-shirt. Turn your dated wardrobe from drab to fab with some scissors and sewing material! You’ll have a brand new attire for a very low cost compared to what you would have to pay at your local department store. I can promise you that creating and designing your own DIY clothes is easier than pulling $60 out of your wallet to pay for a shirt you’ll wear only a couple times. Learning how to make designer clothes for less can save you big bucks in the future. Interested in looking boujee on a budget? Well, you came to the right place.

Bargained Beauty: 19 Ways to be Fashionable on a Budget

Trendy Tops: DIY Shirts

Shirts, in my opinion, are the most important part of an outfit. Therefore, I always want to make sure I have the trendiest of tops! One trend that has been on the fashion radar for a while now are the shirts with open shoulders. The cold shoulder tops are the ideal summer DIY clothing piece to have in your closet because they’re in style and they’ll keep you cool. Tassels are also trending. They’ve been a huge hit when it comes to jewelry and now designers are bring them into their clothes. These fringe features will add a girly touch to any plain colored tee. Simple DIY Cold Shoulder Top

Tote you want to save money?: DIY Bags

Whether you’re going to the beach, out to lunch with the girlfriends or running errands, you need a tote that will fit all of your necessities! There are a plethora of designer bags you can spend $200 on, but why do that when you can spend $2 creating a DIY tote bag that’s just as cute? With a variety of different fabrics to use, your bag will be totally customized and designed by you. You can even create a 2-in-1 bag by designing a reversible tote bag! Rather than having the same bag as hundreds of other people, you’ll have a one of a kind tote.

Rounded Top DIY Tote Bag

Sassy Skirts: Easy Skirts to Make

Summer is here and so are the latest skirt trends. Maxi skirts are a big hit in the clothing stores currently. They’re both casual and cute. Don’t have sewing experience? Don’t fret! The amount of no sew clothing designs you can make will make your jaw drop. Make a mini skirt with a country plaid design or a ladylike tulle skirt for an inexpensive price! Have an old oversized tee? Before you toss that bad boy, make it into a stylin’ skirt. The ideas are endless.

Laser Cut DIY Midi Skirt

What’s your favorite DIY clothing piece to make? Let us know below in the comments!

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