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13 Boredom Busters for Kids of Any Age

Video games will only hold a kid’s attention for so long. Once the bosses have been destroyed or the world has been saved from fire-breathing trolls, they’ll come crawling up from the basement, squinting into the light, in search of something else to occupy their time. All might seem lost until you remember that blog post you once read, and that the Excalibur of parenting is in your back pocket. Yes, you’ve been waiting for this day to pull out your secret weapon. A weapon that goes by the name of easy…adorable….crafts for kids.

   Constellation Glow Jar  Apple-Scented Cloud Dough

Easy Homemade Play Dough Recipes

Glowing Homemade Play Dough RecipeThere’s nothing kids like more than squishing things. Unfortunately, they usually choose to squish bugs, saucy foods, and anything filled with messy, permanent dye. Get the squishies out of their systems with any of these awesome recipes for homemade play dough. They can form and squash this safe, mess-free toy to their hearts’ content. There’s even one you can eat!

Kids Crafts that Double as Games

Teach your little ones about feeling pride in their work with one of these functional crafts. They’ll have a blast building their very own game and be doubly delighted once they realize they created something that the whole family can enjoy.

Learning Crafts

The best sorts of kiddie activities are the ones that will teach them something. Use these tiny science experiments to help you children experience the exciting phenomena of invisible ink, crystal growth, and more.

Want more craft ideas for kids? Check out this cool Water Bottle Lava Lamp project:

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