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21 Christmas in July Paper Crafts

Most of the year, you can’t wait for it to be summer. Summer means family beach trips, lounging by the pool, and eating as many popsicles as your body can possibly hold. Around mid-July, though, you start wishing it were any other month. July getsĀ hot. It’s way too hot for the beach or the pool, and no amount of popsicles is going to cool you down. It’s the kind of weather where you don’t ever want to leave your nice, cool, air conditioned house. While you can’t do anything about the temperature outside, you can transform your home into a winter wonderland with a fabulous Christmas in July party.

Christmas in July is a classic party theme for a reason. Its cozy holiday vibes transport anyone who attends the party to beautiful snowy landscapes and cooler temperatures. Cover your house in paper snowflakes and pretty wreaths and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of December, not July. Christmas in July parties can make you forget all about the blazing heat outside. So crank the AC, throw on your favorite holiday sweater, and get crafting. Your wintery escape awaits!

21 Christmas in July Paper Crafts

Season Appropriate DIY Christmas Trees

Probably one of the biggest obstacles to throwing a true Christmas party in the middle of summer is that there is nowhere to buy real Christmas trees, which means you’ll probably have to make your own. No problem, right? This list has several alternative Christmas tree options, from cute tabletop paper trees to a giant coloring page you can stick up on your wall. Don’t let your lack of access to evergreens stop you from getting your holiday party on!

Wintery Paper Wreaths

Everyone knows proper Christmas decorating practices include wreaths. You simply cannot have a Christmas party without them. Your Christmas supplies are all stored away for the year, though, and you don’t really want to pull them all out right now. Luckily we’ve got you covered with these DIY wreaths. The best news? Many of these paper wreaths are not exclusive to the holiday season and can easily be left up when the party’s over.

Let it Snow Paper Crafts

There’s still one Christmas party requirement missing, and it’s a big one: snow. Isn’t snow the whole point of having a Christmas in July party? There is no better way to beat that mid-summer heat than a chilly snowfall. It may not be snowing outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without the frosty flakes. From paper snowflakes to snow-covered mini trees, let this list help you achieve those white Christmas dreams.

Which crafts will you make for your Christmas in July party?

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