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Christmas in July: Holiday Cards Round Up

I love this season. It’s so festive and beautiful. But the best thing about it is the cards. The amazing greeting cards we send and receive are so much fun! Here is a Holiday Cards Round Up to inspire you to create some of these cards.

Z Fold Card

Make sure to use a double sided cardstock for this card because both sides of it will be seen. You will not be able to use a regular card because this card’s initial measurements require a 12×12 cardstock and for you to cut the card from scratch. It’s much easier than you think! Just follow the step by step video to find out how to create it. You’ll be surprised how easy and fast it is. If you want a smaller card cut a smaller piece of cardstock. This will also make a great place card for your holiday table.

Tree Trio Card

The effect of this card is achieved by cutting a part of the front of the card and reattaching it back together with triangles. The triangles are in fact Christmas trees in a row. Then just add a festive greeting and the card is finished. You can create this card in a vertical direction and reattach the two parts with one large tree.

Let it Snow Christmas Card

A beautiful mixed media card with a homemade snow. This card says winter and you can almost feel the cold out coming out of it.

Holiday Santa

For this card you will only need a red card, scraps of white and black papers and white buttons. A few years back when my grandmother died, my dad went over her things and brought me a huge pile of little boxes filled with buttons. My Grandma was a really good sewer and kept her buttons color sorted in boxes. I still have her buttons and I love using them in projects. I always smile when I use them and I’m sure she smiles too.

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