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Cinnamon-Inspired DIY Necklace

Cinnamon is my go to winter spice; I love sprinkling cinnamon on my hot cocoa or masala chai to enjoy during cold, winter evenings. I feel that it adds not just a little bit of spice, but also a little bit of life and energy to my days. Inspired by the color, form, and texture of cinnamon sticks, I came up with easy-to-make DIY pendants. When combined with rolo or link chains, these DIY necklaces would be perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Cinnamon-Inspired DIY Necklace

Each DIY necklace should take you about 20 minutes to make (including drying time), and the only real cost would be that of the chains. As this necklace is super easy and there could be variations galore, I am showing two variations of the necklace in this post – one with metallic paper and wire and the other with fabric paper and yarn. Any kind of paper (something brown, coppery, or chocolately is preferable) and embellishments like yarn, beads, or lace could be used to add color to the pendants. I recommend buying chain necklaces with clasps attached to speed up your process. The necklaces could be worn together too since layered necklaces are on-trend this season.

Cinnamon-Inspired DIY Necklace

Materials for Yarn Wrapped Necklace

Materials for Wire Wrapped Necklace

Tools: Nose pliers, wire cutter, scissors, scale, toothpick


Add Embellishments

Cinnamon-Inspired DIY NecklaceCinnamon-Inspired DIY Necklace


Cinnamon-Inspired DIY Necklace

I love these necklaces with DIY pendants as they are really light, colorful, quirky, and cost almost nothing to make. Try making and gifting them this Christmas!


Comment below and let us know, which is your go-to winter spice? What colors will you make your DIY necklace?