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Crafting with Confetti: 14 Free Paper Crafts

This post is brought to you by Martha Bonneau from Mugsyboo.

Punches are a staple in every paper crafter’s arsenal of tools.  They come in all shapes and sizes and there is probably a punch out there to meet every need. For me they are one of my go-to tool every time I scrap.  Circles, squares, tabs & and just about every other shape you can dream up is available.  Even though I have recently purchased an electronic die cutter, I still hold on to my punches and cannot see ever giving them up, they will always have a place in my craft room!  The punch that started it all is the humble hole punch, you know, the one you find in office supply stores and that might be in your home office instead of your scrap room.  You might want to find yours if you have one (or go buy one if you don’t) as I am sharing some fun ways to use it on your DIY paper crafting and home décor projects.



confetti card

Nothing says “party” quite like confetti!  By using your hole punch, you can add a festive touch to your DIY greeting cards.  Shaker cards and confetti filled envelopes add a festive touch to your projects.


Confetti Heart Card

Confetti Congratulations Card

Confetti Balloon Notecard

Confetti Envelopes


Gift Wrap

confetti gift wrap

These gift wrap ideas are on a “hole” other level.  My favorite idea here: confetti tape, I am going to be making lots of that and the best part is my daughter can join in the fun and punch out all of those bits of confetti for me!


Confetti Gift Wrap

Confetti Present Wrapping

Punched Up Present

Confetti Leaf Gift Wrap

Confetti Tape Wrapped Gift

Confetti Tape Tutorial


Home Décor

confetti home decor

When you decorate with confetti inspired DIY wall décor, every day at home can be a party!  Use your hole punch, or for more impact, pull out your circle punches in various sizes to create a statement piece.

DIY Paint Chip Art

Colorful Wall Art

Sparkly Confetti Wall Art

Confetti Wall Art


What is you favorite punch shape?