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Craft Crush: Crazy Cool Origami Crafts

Origami crafts are a great craft idea for adults and for children. They’re budget-friendly and some origami projects can be super easy to make. What’s more, you would never believe the variety you can find in origami patterns, and once you discover how crazy cool these paper craft ideas can be, you’ll fall in love!

Crazy Cool Origami Crafts

Whether you need some DIY party decorations or an affordable home decor project idea, origami patterns are to the rescue! Take a walk on the wild side by straying from the traditional origami patterns and try out these ingenious and unique origami crafts. Simply take a look at our group of favorites, and then decide which one you will make!



Darling DIY Origami Leaf: these leaves are a simply beautiful paper craft idea. We like using paper leaves as decorations for our gift wrapping and these leaves would add a fun, three dimensional effect. Try making them with glitter or gold paper for a fabulous and festive gift wrap decoration!

Darling DIY Origami Leaf

Pretty Paper Pineapples: what a fun party decoration idea! If you’re throwing a tropical party, then these are a must-have. These pineapples are so bright and cheery, they’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

Pretty Paper Pineapples

DIY Origami Gemstone: make this origami idea as a high-glam and modern home decor project. You can make a gemstone in any color and use a bunch around the house as an affordable home decor item. Decorate bookshelves, mantels, and more!

DIY Origami Gemstone

Pretty Paper Origami Rose: paper flowers are one of our favorite craft project ideas because they’re so pretty and these origami roses are no exception. Make yourself a bouquet for a beautiful centerpiece or string a bunch on a garland for a fantastic floral decoration.

Pretty Paper Origami Rose

Origami DIY Lampshade: this is one of the most creative origami craft to date. Lampshades and pendant lights can be expensive if you buy them from a store, so why not make one of these? You’ll save money and you can easily customize to compliment your home’s decor with your choice of paper.

Origami DIY Lampshade

Image courtesy of passionshake.com

DIY Hanging Origami Garden: hanging planters are very on-trend and they can save space since they don’t clutter a counter top. Use this origami pattern to make one for your favorite houseplant or use as an airplant planter!

DIY Hanging Origami Garden

Image courtesy of onceuponherdream.blogspot.com

Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite origami project?