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Craft Your Way Down the Aisle in 28 Days

Did you know that February is national wedding month? Use this fact as inspiration to spend some time each day this month making a completely adorable DIY item for your upcoming nuptials. Lord knows it takes long enough to plan a wedding and honestly, unless it’s the 14th, there’s not much going on in February anyway. You’ll feel extra happy and relaxed on your wedding day knowing that you chose and created so many of the intimate details. And don’t forget you don’t have to craft alone! Round up your bridesmaids, family members, or your spouse and make an evening out of creating some of the more involved crafts, such as the centerpieces and place holders. There’s not a single detail of your wedding that you cannot turn into a DIY project. Challenge yourself to see how many you can get through before the month runs out!


Below you’ll find our favorite ideas, but there are countless more to fit your color scheme and personal tastes at right here.

February 1: Easiest Bridal Shower Invitations

vintage_hankie_save_the_date4February 2: DIY Mimosa Bar

February 3: Vintage Save-the-Date Hankies

February 4: Relaxing Rosemary Foot Scrub

February 5: Charming DIY Ring Holder

February 6: Diamond Sky Spring Wedding Shrug

February 7: Impossibly Gorgeous Wedding Cupcakes

February 8: Hide-the-Blue-Sole Shoes

February 9: Super Quick Bridesmaid Dress Upgrade

February 10: Fancy Wedding Program Fans

February 11: Breathtaking Bohemian Outdoor Wedding Altar

February 12: Perfect Petal Aisle Runner

February 13: Graceful Flower Girl Basket

February 14: Updated Classic Romantic Bouquet Tutorial

February 15: Love Letters Vintage Guestbook and Card Table

February 16: Slingshot Confetti Wedding Send-off

February 17: Faux Antique Milk Glass Vessels

February 18: Beautiful French Braid Twist

February 19: Spoonful of Sparkle Party Favors

February 20: Stunning DIY Convertible Wedding Dress

February 21: Lovely Wedding Dress Hanger

February 22: DIY Rope Word Sign

February 23: DIY String Art Wedding Table Numbers

February 24: Rustic Wedding Beer Bar

February 25: Ombre DIY Photo Booth Background

February 26: Poppin Wedding Send-off Idea

February 27: Sweet and Sassy DIY Wine Glass Holders

February 28: Ornate Thank You Chalkboard




What is your favorite idea posted above? Comment Below and Let us Know!