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How To Create A Shaker Bookmark

Hello everyone!! Kymona here to show you how to create a shaker bookmark from your beautiful coloring pages!!  How many of you have these beautiful coloring pages but aren’t sure what to do with them.  Well your in luck!

Take a look:

Materials needed:



Step 1 – Color the image using whatever medium you love.

This bookmark was colored with the three color pencils displayed above.

Step 2 – Create the shaker pocket




Place the bookmark in the photo sleeve, making sure you have enough room at the top so that it will seal.

Step 3 – Using the fuse tool

Heat the Fuse tool before using.  You want the tool to be nice and hot so that the plastic fuses on the first past.  You have to fuse on top of a glass mat or a fuse mat that can withstand the heat.


Place the Fuse metal ruler on top of the photo sleeve where you want to fuse the plastic.  Leave a little bit of room between the bookmark and the edge of the plastic.  You will repeat this step for the three sides (right, left and bottom).  Do not fuse the top of the bookmark yet.  

Step 4 – Adding Sequin

Now you’re ready to add the sequin. Carefully pour the sequin in the opening at the top of the plastic fuse. The amount of sequin added will vary based on personal preference.

Note: Just remember you want the sequin to move around freely, so packing it with to much sequin will create a bulky nonmoving shaker bookmark.

Step 5 – Fusing the top

Once you’ve added the sequin, now it’s time to fuse the top of the bookmark. Use the metal ruler as your guide, once again to fuse the top of the bookmark.

Step 6: Trim the bookmark

Trim the excess plastic from all four sides of the bookmark.


Step 7 – Punching a Hole

Line the hole puncher to the hole in the bookmark to add a hole in the plastic.

Step 8 – Adding the ribbon

Thread the ribbon though the hole of the bookmark.

Finished Bookmark

So what do you think? Would you try to create a shaker bookmark from your coloring pages?Please let me know in the comments.

I had so much fun creating this bookmark for my daughter. Any reader would love to have a bookmark like this.

Thanks for joining me today!

Kymona Tracey | @kreativekymona