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22 DIY Christmas Angel Crafts

The Christmas season is upon us, and you know what that means. It’s time to pull out the Christmas tree and start decorating. This year remember the true reason we celebrate the holiday and make one of these 22 DIY Christmas Angel Crafts to decorate your home. These precious angel crafts will bring peace and joy to your household this season, and you’ll love having these craft angels watching over you through December.

22 DIY Christmas Angel Crafts

Growing up in a religious household, it was a tradition for us to top our tree with an angel rather than a star. We had the most beautiful Christmas tree angel with gorgeous, off-white lace. It was handmade by my great-grandmother, so it was older and a bit yellowed. It had this vintage look and smell that I can still vividly recall. However, my sister and I always fought over who would get to put the angel on top of the tree. After a few years of bickering, my dad finally wrote our names and what year we put on the angel onto the box we kept it in. This is one of my fondest Christmas memories even though my sister and I were arguing. It was the perfect Christmas tradition with the people I love most in the world. You can make these memories with your family too by making some homemade Christmas decorations for your house.


Angel Ornament Crafts

Butterfly Angel Ornament

If you don’t want to replace your star tree topper, you can always make these homemade Christmas ornaments to have some angel representation on the tree. These are all gorgeous handmade crafts that you’ll love to see on your tree each year.

Recycled Angel Crafts

Unique Used Tea Bag Flying Angel

Unfortunately, because of all the shopping, dining, and travelling during the holidays, we have a big impact on the environment during the Christmas season. However, you can make up for this by making these recycled craft ideas for Christmas decorations!

Angel Crafts for Kids

Feather Angel Ornaments

Christmas time is probably the most magical time for children, so this section of crafts is dedicated to the little ones in your life. These kids’ Christmas crafts are the perfect way to spend some time with the family while also decorating your home for the holidays!

More Angel Crafts

Angel Light Switch Decoration

While Christmas ornaments and tree toppers are gorgeous decorations. You may want to mix it up with these unexpected ideas for angel crafts. Whether these are wall decorations or little angel trinkets, you won’t be able to buy angel items like these in any store.

Snowflake Craft Ideas for Winter

If you’re ready for more fun Christmas and winter crafting, try making some of these 30 Snowflake Craft Ideas for Winter!



What is your favorite Christmas tradition?