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7 DIY Elegant Summer Wedding Flowers and Tips

Making DIY flower centerpieces can save you tons of money on an otherwise expensive day, but being responsible for making your own summer wedding flowers isn’t for you if you’re already on the brink of Bridezilla status. It can be a daunting task, but with the right mindset and plan, the results can be absolutely stunning. Plus, you get to brag about how you did it all yourself. Flowers are essential to any wedding, and many brides leave that up to professional florists who put a lot of work into creating floral decorations for their big day. With these DIY Elegant Summer Wedding Flowers and Tips, you can make your own lovely wedding flowers that will save you big bucks!

While you may already be thinking that creating flower arrangements isn’t that hard, I’ll stop you right there. There’s a reason hiring a florist has become somewhat of a wedding tradition, and that’s because it’s not easy. I’m not saying it’s not do-able, but you do have to accept that while you may be saving money, it will take more work on your part. Luckily, it’s fun work and you’ve come to the right place for wedding ideas, tips, and inspiration that will make your DIY summer wedding flowers ones to remember.

7 Elegant Summer Wedding Flowers

DIY Summer Wedding Flowers Centerpieces

1. Vintage Floral Arrangement

Vintage Floral Arrangement

Tip:  Simplicity is key. If this is your first time working with flowers, leave the big decorations up to the pros. Commit to smaller arrangements and centerpieces that you’re confident you can manage.

2. DIY Rose Centerpiece

DIY Rose Centerpiece

Tip: Accept that some things are impossible. We’ve all scrolled through Pinterest and pinned things that we’ll probably never have in this lifetime. If you’re looking for DIY wedding flowers, then you’ve definitely seen the elaborate floral arrangements that Pinterest boasts. Unless you’ve got a million dollars lying around, or are a professional florist yourself, your DIY flowers are not going to look like what you’ve seen on the internet.

3. Beautiful Birdcage Floral Arrangement

Beautiful Birdcage Floral Arrangement

Tip: Do your research beforehand. Deciding to make your own summer wedding flowers is a big commitment, so do some research about what supplies you need, how much time it will take, the best flowers to use, and whatever else you may be unsure about. Research is so so important if you want to avoid a larger mishap down the line.

4. Floral DIY Wedding Centerpieces

 Floral DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Tip: Schedule enough time to prepare.  Since flowers wilt quickly, you’ll have to set up your arrangements the day before. But, you’ll also have a hundred and one other things to take care of at the same time. Be sure to fit enough time into your schedule for getting your summer wedding flower arrangements made and in place before the big day.

5. Hand Painted Twig Centerpiece

Hand Painted Twig Centerpiece

Tip: Do a dry run. Gather up all your supplies and flowers for a mini run through to see what’s working and what isn’t. This is crucial if you want things to go smoothly as the wedding day approaches. And most importantly, it will help you decide how much time you’ll need to schedule for preparation the day before.

6. Gorgeous Floral Centerpiece

Gorgeous Floral Centerpiece

Tip: Be as bold and creative as you want. Don’t be afraid to add your own special touches to your arrangements with other pretty embellishments and decorations to make your centerpieces truly stand out.

7. Easy and Inexpensive Summer Floral Arrangements

Easy and Inexpensive Summer Floral Arrangements

Tip: Don’t attempt to finish this project alone. Gather your friends, mother-in-law, and anyone else to help save time and your own sanity! 

Will you be attempting DIY wedding flowers? Let us know below!

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