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14 DIY Knockoff Decor Ideas

Name-brand decor designers have a huge influence on trends in home decorating. If you want ideas for keeping your living space up-to-date without the huge cost, check out these 14 DIY Knockoff Decor Ideas. For those who aren’t aware of today’s hippest decorating stores, we have you covered the best names: Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and West Elm. These designer stores cover everything from rustic to bohemian to modern. You’ll feel like you’re rolling in wealth with any of these knockoff decor ideas in your home. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they walk in and see a West Elm-Inspired Rustic Dining Room Table sitting in your eating area. It will definitely look like you’ve spent a fortune on home decor, but in reality, these are some of the most budget-friendly ideas out there.

Admittedly, I really love the unique colors and patterns that Anthropologie has to offer, but I can’t seem to justify spending that kind of money on decorative items. Even their coasters seem to be more than I want to spend. That’s why these knockoff decor ideas are so handy. If you love the way that designer decor looks but are like me and don’t wan’t to spend a fortune, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these home decor crafts. You’ll find everything from DIY jewelry boxes to elegant wall art. Heck, you can even give some of these DIY projects as gifts to family and friends. They’ll think you went above and beyond.

Knockoff Decor Ideas

Pottery Barn Knockoff Decor

If you have some supplies and a couple of hours to spare, why not make your own Pottery Barn-inspired decorations rather than taking a trip to the store? These DIY home decorations will give your home that same rustic feel that you get when you walk into a Pottery Barn. While their merchandise is always unique and homey, it’s also quite expensive. These rustic crafts will put a smile on your face while saving your bank account an untimely demise. Many of these DIY decorations can be left out all year long, so all your hard work can be enjoyed no matter the season.

Anthropologie Knockoff Decor

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Garden Markers

Besides Pottery Barn, another popular source of decorative inspiration is the whimsical Anthropologie! These DIY decorations are sure to impress you with their boho charm and creativity. After all, nothing says “bohemian” more than making something yourself rather than purchasing it at a store. Even high school and college students love Anthropologie’s style, so be sure to show your kids these Anthropologie-Inspired Cork Coasters for their room or dorm!

West Elm Knockoff Decor

West Elm Knockoff Desk Tray

Last, but certainly not least, we have decorative crafts inspired by the modern style of West Elm. Even if you don’t have a West Elm near you, that crisp, organized look can still be adopted into your home. These DIY decorations will provide you with the exact pieces you need to freshen up your living space. If you’re feeling ready to tackle a larger-scale project, try out this chic West Elm-Inspired Rustic Dining Room Table.

What is your favorite home decor store? Let us know below in the comments!

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