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DIY Monogram Necklace: Mini Book Pendant

Mixed media mini keepsake books are all the rage now. They can be converted into jewelry, added to key rings or used as bag charms. Here is the step by step process on how to make a monogrammed keepsake book necklace. 

Monogrammed keepsake book necklace

monogrammed mini book necklace  (2)


  1.  MD metal sheet
  2. Handmade paper bits
  3.  Glue
  4.  Copper / brass wire 26g
  5.  Saree ribbon/fabric scrap
  6.  Grease &turpentine
  7. Swarovski flatback crystals 2


  1. Scissors
  2. embossing stylus
  3.  Flat nose pliers
  4. Round nose pliers
  5. wire cutters
  6.  Paint brush


1. cut papers to size, stack them and fold in the center

2. Using a needle and thread bind the papers using saddle stitch. Alternatively you can staple them

3. Cut of the metal sheet, mark the center and fold. Open out and flatten

3. Draw and emboss required design on the front of the book using a stylus

4. Fold back 1.5mm of metal on all sides using a flat nose plier

5. Apply vehicle grease mixed with turpentine on the book to bring out the design. Let dry for a day. Glue searovski crystals or studs if so desired

6. Using copper wire make a wrap around the book spine making wrapped loops at both ends. Loop in beads and chains as required

7. Glue the paper book to the metal cover

8. Coat the metal cover with ice resin (using a brush) for an antique yet glossy look.

What would you write in your mini book pendant?


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