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DIY Necklaces: Make-Your-Own Mystic Arrowhead Necklaces

Why would you ever go jewelry shopping when you have all the tools to create your own beautiful pieces right in your own home? These beautiful Mystic Arrowhead Necklaces are the perfect accent to any wardrobe and they’re so fun to make!
Mystic Arrowhead Necklace

Photo courtesy of quietlioncreations.com

Each individual arrowhead necklace can be customized to your own personal tastes and style. These necklaces are particularly unique because they take a classic bohemian look and then glam it up with fabulous gems to add a bit of sparkle. If you’re feeling very bold, try layering these longer necklaces with other necklaces of varying length for a stylish new look. Get ready to be the new trendsetter on the block!

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