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12 Museum-Worthy DIY Paper Mobiles

For an art form that appears to be relatively simple, the mobile surprisingly has it’s beginnings in mechanical engineering and fine art. American sculptor Alexander Calder is credited with being the originator of the mobile which is a kinetic form of art in which objects are suspended and balance on a hanging framework. Calder’s large scale, installation size pieces created in steel were finished in black or a simple primary color scheme and would move through the use of power motors or air currents.


You may not be able to fit a Calder mobile in your home (and your wallet probably won’t accommodate one either!) but you can draw inspiration from Calder’s work and create your own DIY mobiles created from paper and other objects from your craft stash. We will start with some tutorials inspired by the master of mobiles himself and then move on to mobiles for every room in your home. From your baby’s nursery to your living room, you will find yourself adding DIY kinetic art throughout your home!

These 12 tutorials will show you how to create Calder inspired mobiles on a much smaller scale (and budget). Supplement your paper stash with some wire, dowels, and a little imagination and you will be on your way to creating your own DIY mobile.


Thoroughly Modern Mobile-this modern, graphic mobile is an easy into to mobile making


Calder Inspired Mid Century Modern Mobile-Inspired by Calder himself, you can create your own museum-worthy mobile for under $10.00.


Calder Fish Mobile-A fun example of kinetic art.


Geometric Mobile-Using simple shapes and bright colors, this mobile can be created in any color combination you like.


Paper Circle Mobile-Seemingly simple, this mobile uses repetition of shapes to create movement and color.


Pac Man Paper Mobile-This one is just for fun, but how cool would it be in a boy’s bedroom?!


Paper Cloud Mobile-I don’t mind if these 3-D paper clouds are in the forecast.


Happy Hearts Mobile-If you are looking for a mobile you can create with your kids, this is the one for you!


Paper Crane Mobile-Put your origami skills to work creating this nature inspired mobile.


Up, Up & Away Mobile-How cute would this be in a baby’s nursery?  So fun, bright and happy!


Lucky Star Ombre Crib Mobile-Ombre is still a very popular paper crafting trend,create this mobile in any color to match your decor.


Pinwheel Mobile-Use scrapbook paper to create pinwheels in coordinating colors in a variety of sizes.


Do you have a mobile in your home?