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28 DIY Summer Kids Crafts

Keeping your kids entertained is especially important in the summer. With so much free time, it’s important to have fun activities planned for your kids. These 28 DIY summer kids crafts will ensure your kids have a fun-filled season. These crafts celebrate the best parts of summer including going to the beach, spending time in the garden, and commemorating Independence Day. Start your summer festivities with these crafts for the whole family!

DIY Summer Kids Crafts

28 DIY Summer Kids Crafts

28 DIY Summer Kids Crafts

These crafts are sorted by the aspect of summer they celebrate, so you can host themed crafting weeks in preparation for a big trip or event. We’ve also included a few of our favorite summer crafts that your kids will love creating at any point in the summer. Try one or more of our summer kids crafts with your family today while enjoying the freedom and warmth of the mid-year months.

A Trip to the Beach

Tropical Shell Fish

A Walk in the Garden

Kid Made Turtle Herb Planters

A Celebration of Independence Day

4th of July Sidewalk Chalk Stars

Simply Summer Favorites

These are a few of our favorite summer kids crafts. Now you and your children can find their favorites to make all summer! Keep your kids entertained while they enjoy being home from school with these exciting kids crafts.

What are your favorite summer crafts? Share them in the comments below!

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