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DIY Sunglasses Chain

Sport your sunnies in style! Create a customized “necklace” for your glasses using beads, connectors and chain. These stylish accessories are both practical and posh.

Use a mix of beads like I did here for an eclectic look. Or, create them from simple chain and charms to match every outfit. What’s great about these is that you can make a bunch and switch them out for different looks!

This is a great tutorial for jewelry making beginners, because you can whip these up quick and easily without too many difficult techniques involved.

Are you ready?

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are an assortment of beads (I used a mix of pearls, acrylic faceted crystals and faceted stone bead links), 4mm and 6mm jump rings, chain, eye pins and rubber glasses holders. You can get the glasses holders on A mazon or Etsy. They usually come with a cinch in the middle, but if yours don’t have it (like mine), I’ll show you how to create the cinch! You will also need roundnose and flatnose pliers and wire cutters.

Step 2: Start by cutting two pieces of roughly 2″ chain, and attach to each glasses holder with a 4mm jump ring. I went with a gold/amethyst/teal combo for my glasses holders – choose any color palette you wish!

Step 3: Attach stone connectors to each end of the 2″ chain with 4mm jump rings.

Step 3: Using eye pins, create multiple beaded links with the stones and beads of your choice. I created 14 links from 10mm pearls, 2 links from 12mm faux turquoise rounds, and 4 links from 18mm oval acrylic beads.

Step 4: Connect your links to each other in a flattering order – it helps to alternate pearls and stones/connectors. I also mixed in a few connectors for the pop of purple color. When adding connectors, use 4mm jump rings on both loops and use those to attach to the eye pins. Create two symmetrical strands for each side of your sunglasses holder.

Connect the very middle with a stone connector, again using 4mm jump rings on either side to allow more movement.

Step 5: Thread the rubber holders on each sunglasses arm.

Take an open 6mm jumpring and squeeze/close around the middle of the rubber holder, creating a cinch. Make sure the holder isn’t too tight or loose (so it can move, but not fall off!) before cinching closed.

Super stylish, no?

Catch all of my other tutorials on my blog at quietlioncreations.com. Thanks for reading! Happy crafting!