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DIY Sweater: The Cutest and Easiest Way to Stay Warm

Winter is the perfect time to bundle up in all of your biggest, comfiest, and coziest sweaters. But sometimes, those old lumpy sweaters that we love just need a makeover. That’s why this DIY Sweater is the perfect project for winter!

DIY Sweater

Photo courtesy of enthrallinggumption.com

With just some yarn and a few pearls, you can turn one drab and worn out sweater into your new favorite top! This is truly a beginner-level project, so don’t feel intimidated if this is your first attempt at an embroidery sewing project. Be bold and try it out! Pick out your favorite color thread and customize your new sweater to your own tastes. All of your friends and family will be dying to know where you found that cute sweater. They’ll be even more impressed when you reveal that you made it yourself!

Can’t wait to make this project? Get it at Enthralling Gumption!