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Doodle Bouquet: National Craft Month Project & Giveaways

National Craft Month

It’s Day 15 of National Craft Month! This adorable Doodle Bouquet, designed by Amanda (aka Aunt Peaches), is a great way to inspire creativity and a love for crafting in your children. This simple craft is a great way to bond with your children over artistic expression, and will hopefully inspire your child to continue to express themselves artistically. Don’t forget to join us on Periscope for a live-streamed craft every day this month. Plus, scroll down for info on how to win our epic craft giveaways!

Doodle Bouquet

Fresh flowers are a fantastic gift for anyone, but they can be expensive and go to pieces in a matter of days. Next time you want to give the gift of spring blooms, why not make them yourself? The results are one-of-a kind and the recipient will have them on display long after the season has passed. Even better, the process could not be easier or less expensive. This craft makes a fantastic group craft for a birthday party or classroom setting. Want to know how to make it yourself? Let’s get this party started!

Materials Needed for the Doodle Bouquet:

Doodle Bouquet


Use your oil pastels to draw flowers on the cardstock using fast, expressive strokes. If you have never used oil pastels before, this is a fantastic chance to give them a try! Oil pastels colors are far more vivid and intense than regular crayons or markers. Sakura makes starter sets for beginners at under $5, as well as more extensive artist-grade pastels as well. Give them a try!

Doodle Bouquet

After the flowers are drawn, use your scissors to loosely trim around the edges. A little white margin space will keep the colors extra clean and bright.

Doodle Bouquet

Flip over one flower and tape the top of one straw to the top. If your straws have bendy-elbows, keep that toward the top as it will make arranging a bit easier later.

Doodle Bouquet

One by one, insert straws into the base (filled with sand or pebbles) working from the back to the front.

Doodle Bouquet

Look what you made! Good work!

For more great tutorials, check out Aunt Peaches’ blog!


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