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Druzy Sparkle Ornaments

Boho style goes totally glam with these cute and easy DIY druzy ornaments. This tutorial combines wire working and beading for a mixed-media home decor accessory, perfect for adding to holiday trees, or simply hanging in front of a window or off garland for hints of sparkle!

Use a mix of beads in complimentary colors for a sophisticated look – I chose blues, greens, golds and hints of brown hues for an earthy mix. What’s great about these decorations is that you can really mix and match bead styles and textures for different themes. Go black and white (with chunky crystals) for a modern look – mix bright neon colors for a funky fun vibe!

These come together super quick, meaning you can whip up a bunch of these and decorate your entire house (that’s exactly what I did! )……

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather materials. You will need a mix of beads (I used chunky crystals, metallic beads, large charms and connectors), roundnose pliers, 16g wire, 24g wire and druzy pendants.

Step 2: Cut a 6″ piece of wire (larger if you want a larger ornament) and curve into an “S” shape with your roundnose pliers. Twist one end in, then the other end the opposite way. Make one side (the hook side) larger than the other.

Step 3: Create wrapped bead links. Using the 24g wire, create bead links with wrapped loops, cutting the wire flush with wire cutters. Create two bead links per ornament. Make sure to catch the bottom wrap of one link in the top wrap of the other, so there’s no need for a jumpring.

Keep the beads in a similar color scheme for a chic look. Feel free to use different wire colors for different color schemes. I think silver definitely gives a more contemporary feel, while gold is more traditional.

Step 4: Connect the druzy pendant at the bottom of your bead link with a 4mm jumpring. Add another 4mm jumpring to the top of you link and attach to the bottom of your wire hook.

These are perfect trinkets for gift-giving – any friend or family member would definitely love one of these, trust me!

Thanks for reading – catch all of my tutorials at quietlioncreations.com!