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19 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

Even before duct tape came in every pattern and color under the sun, we all referred to it as the go-to fix-it material, especially for those of us who aren’t so handy with tools. Now that there is such a wide variety of duct tape available to us at stores ranging from Target to Michael’s, a new fad of crafting has formed around this one versatile material. That’s why I’ve gathered for you and the kids these 19 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids for some crafting inspiration.

You’ve seen how elaborate duct tape projects can get like entire prom dresses. But no worries! These are all super easy duct tape crafts that the kids will be able to make since the only technique to them is sticking duct tape to other duct tape. From decorative crafts for their bedrooms to wearable accessories, there’s a duct tape craft on this list that will appease all children young or old and girl or boy.

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It’s Floral Galore!


While real flowers can be a beautiful accent for your home, the kids won’t love to see them wilting in their vase in a week or so. Have them make these flower crafts out of duct tape for a funky floral display that will last forever.

Let’s Accessorize!


Don’t empty out your wallet at Claire’s for the girls when they can personalize their own accessories and jewelry using duct tape. I’ve gathered some adorable wearable crafts and accessories for girls and boys that they’ll love. Plus these will last much longer than accessories you’d buy at the store. If duct tape can handle a leaky pipe, it will definitely hold together that adorable ensemble the kids will be sporting. You can find more amazing duct tape crafts with this collection of¬†What to Make with Duct Tape: 66 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids.

Time to Get Active!

Checkered Bowling Pins and Ball

Duct tape can become an amusing game or activity once you and the kids have created these easy homemade toy crafts. I’ve included a board game and bowling activity for some inspiration. There’s even a musical instrument craft for the kids to make some beautiful music.

Tape Trim for the Home


Remember when the only color of duct tape was a drab grey color? Well now that there’s an infinite number of designs, you and the kids can decorate their bedrooms or play room with duct tape that with match the decor. From holiday crafts to hang on your tree to garden crafts to display in your front yard, these are some easy duct tape crafts that the kids can make as decoration for your home.


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What is the coolest duct tape pattern you’ve ever seen?