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Fairy Garden Wire Flowers

Create an entire fairy garden out of these lightweight wire flower decorations! I used aluminum colored wire and sparkly beads to create these wire-wrapped home decor pieces. They are great for adorning walls, hanging from lights, or even using as centerpieces.



You can create these pieces in any size and color you’d like. I used a mix of purples and blues here to keep it consistent, but create a totally zany rainbow mix if that’s your style!


I also love just laying these around in “arrangements”, they look like fallen blooms!

Are we ready to start the DIY?!


Step 1: Gather materials. You will need a mix of large acrylic beads, 18g colored aluminum wire, wire cutters and roundnose pliers.


Step 2: Cut 7 equal-sized pieces of wire. To keep it easy, you can cut through the big hoop of wire. Bigger pieces of wire will yield bigger petals and flowers.


Use your roundnose to create a point at the top of wire (starting opposite the open end), and bend both sides down round pliers. Wrap bottom together to hold petal together. Excess wire will stick out — DO NOT CUT! We will need this.

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Repeat 6 times for a total of 7 petals. Keep the size consistent for matching petals!


Wrap all excess wire around each other in a group, then pull petals out and bend flat.


Choose beads for the center, and cut another round of wire.


Wrap beads around center of flower with wire piece. Bend all wire behind flower flat against this center, and cut any excess to finish.

Repeat with more colors and wire lengths to create a whole garden!


These would make great Christmas ornaments if you made them in all red and green, with gold centers. Very chic. I also tried hanging these on lights and they look great – place outdoors for outdoor parties (but be sure to take back inside!) to add that whimsical look.


Thank you for reading. Be sure to catch all my tutorials at quietlioncreations.com!