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Flora vs Fauna: 14 Paper Quilling Ideas

Some classic rivalries have been around for as long as anyone can remember: Coke vs Pepsi, summer vs winter, cats vs dogs, good vs evil, to name a few. The crafting world has its own set of established rivalries, and some of them can be pretty niche. However, the best kind of rivalries is the kind that has a connection with the world at large, some sort of common thread that ties the rivalry to something universal, no matter how niche it is. Nothing exemplifies that better than the following list that asks the age-old question philosophers have been trying to answer for centuries: which is better, paper quilled plants or paper quilled animals?

Paper quilling is the definition of a niche interest, but even if you’ve never heard of it, you can identify with the classic struggle between flora and fauna. It’s a timeless tale of nature’s two greatest living entities battling it out for dominance. Sort of. Come to think of it, plants and animals aren’t so much rivals as they are just two things that exist alongside each other.

Regardless of how it is in the real world, when it comes to the world of paper quilling, it does seem like the vast majority of quilling tutorials fall into either one realm or the other. Now is your chance to determine which style is the better one. Do flowers have the edge or do animals reign supreme? Choose carefully; the future of quilling is in your hands.

Flora vs Fauna: 14 Paper Quilling Ideas

Striking Floral Quilled PendantQuilled Jewelry3D Turtle Necklace

Flora: Striking Floral Quilled Pendant

Fauna: 3D Turtle Necklace

Striking Quilled Cherry Blossom ArtQuilled ArtBeautiful Black Beauty Quilling Art

Flora: Striking Quilled Cherry Blossom Art

Fauna: Beautiful Black Beauty Quilling Art

Uniquely Quilled DIY Paper Roses3D Quilling DesignsLeo the Paper Quilled Lion Craft

Flora: Uniquely Quilled DIY Paper Roses

Fauna: Leo the Paper Quilled Lion Craft

Simple Quilled Flower EmbellishmentQuilled EmbellishmentsQuilled Ladybug DIY Embellishment

Flora: Simple Quilled Flower Embellishment

Fauna: Quilled Ladybug DIY Embellishment

Lily of the Valley Quilled FlowersTiny DetailsPetite Paper Quilled Peacock

Flora: Lily of the Valley Quilled Flowers

Fauna: Petite Paper Quilled Peacock

Delicately Quilled Paper TulipMinimalist Quilling DesignsPaper Quilling a Bird

Flora: Delicately Quilled Paper Tulip

Fauna: Paper Quilling a Bird

"Can't Stop Staring" Tightly Quilled FlowersBonus Round: Difficult DesignsPraying Mantis 3D Quilling Art

Flora: “Can’t Stop Staring” Tightly Quilled Flowers

Fauna: Praying Mantis 3D Quilled Art

What’s the verdict? Flora or fauna?

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