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Free Paper Crafting Printable Roundup

Images courtesy of (from left to right): kristendukephotography.com, thepinningmama.com/, http://lollyjane.com

Images courtesy of (from left to right) kristendukephotography.com, thepinningmama.com/, http://lollyjane.com

I love printables for so many reasons, the first of which is in the title of this post…free!  That’s right, free!  There are so many talented designers who have created printable wall decor, cards, and other projects and then linked them up on their blogs for us to download. The only out of pocket cost is that of paper and ink.  Printables provide instant crafting gratification. If you have a printer at home you can print out your project and be working on it in minutes.  One of my favorite things to print at home is adult coloring pages which can be found in a variety of themes. Greeting cards and pocket page scrapping filler cards  are other favorites that keep my printer busy.  Even if you print a card at home you can still embellish it with items from your craft stash to add a personal touch.

I am sharing some of my favorite free printables collected from around the web.  For instance, those little printable embroidery thread spools in the picture right below this, could they be any cuter? The answer is no, no they couldn’t.  They are one of 28 awesome printable in just the first link, there are more links and more favorite printable projects in the following links!

Image courtesy of: wildolive.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of wildolive.blogspot.com

28 Free Printables – From paper dolls to wedding decor, this post rounds up 28 fun and free printables.

Printable Tyrannosaurus Rex – My daughter is done-crazy right now, and this is a perfect project that we can complete together during the cold winter weeks that still remain.

Free Printable 2016 Calendars – Despite using my computer and smartphone to remind me of appointments and events, I still like having an old school paper calendar as well. With these free printable I can print up a different style for each month.

Image courtesy of: akadesign.ca

Image courtesy of akadesign.ca

Free Printable Banner Letters – Print in any color to personalize your banner.

Printable Butterflies – Print out these vivid butterflies to use on cards or mixed media projects.

Watercolor Birthday Card Printable – When did cards get so expensive to purchase?!  Print our one of these sweet watercolor cards and put the money you would have spent on a card towards a present instead.

Image courtesy of: iagriffith.com

Image courtesy of iagriffith.com

Printable Floral Gift Wrap and Tags – Why stop at a printable card? Print your wrap and gift tag as well!

Cute Baking Printable Wall Art – Need to decorate on a budget? Print, frame, done.

Free Printable Planner Stickers – Have you jumped on board the planner craze?  If so, you NEED to print these beautiful planner stickers right now.

Image courtesy of: afancifultwist.typepad.com

Image courtesy of afancifultwist.typepad.com

Wish Upon A Star Printable – I love this printable so much. You can use the elements to create a banner, use them as ornaments, or add a few stars to your paper crafting projects.

Have you used printables in your paper crafting projects before?