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Garage Sale Shopping: Thrifted Garage Sale Goods

You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Garage sales are a prime place to find some great home decor, clothing, and storage pieces. At a first glance at some of the items that are displayed on driveways, you may think, “Why would anyone want to buy that?” However, with just a little bit of paint, needlework, and care, you’ll be able to transform and thrift any garage piece!

There are so many reasons that garage sales are a great place to shopmost the items are cheap, the items range from clothes to furniture, and it’s all happening in your neighborhood. Rather than stay in during your next neighborhood garage sale, take a stroll down your street, and you’ll be shocked at what some people are giving away. You never know what unique goods you’re going to find at one of these shindigs, you might even find your next holy grail home decor piece.

Garage Sale Shopping: Thrifted Garage Sale Goods

Dressers and Desks: Painting Ideas

Larger and practical home pieces such as dressers and desks can often be expensive at your local furniture store. Garage sales are the best place to pick up a used dresser or shelving unit to display in your living room. After you compare the prices you see at garage sales to retail stores, your jaw will drop. While the desk may not be in pristine condition when you picked up from the sale, a coat of paint and a little bit of sanding will make it look as good as new! If it has drawers, purchase some fancy drawer handles and screw those puppies in. After spending a little time revamping the desk or dresser, you can officially say you own a one of a kind DIY home decor piece.

Crafty Chairs: How to Reupholster Seating

Like a dresser or desk, you can also paint a chair to transfigure it. However, something needs to be done about that ripped and raggedy fabric seat cushion. Just because you spot a chair at a garage sale that has a rip in it, that doesn’t mean you should purchase it. If you love everything about the piece despite the tear, make a move! It’s so simple to take a needle, thread, and fancy fabric to fix that cushion right up and bring it back to life. Once you’ve given your chair a fresh paint job and dressed it with a little bit of floral fabric, show off your latest DIY makeover project.

Drab to Fab: Garage Sale Tips for Clothes

If you’re skeptical about buying other people’s old clothes, don’t be! With a little laundry detergent or dry cleaning services, your clothes will be clean in a heartbeat. After they’re smelling fresh, it’s time to grab a needle and scissors and start snipping! From making distress marks in jeans to sewing lace onto the bottom of a shirt, your wardrobe will be instantly transformed. The best part about making your own clothes is how much money you’re saving.

What are your favorite items to shop for at garage sales? Let us know below in the comments!

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