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Ghouls Gone Glam: Chic Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is quite a spooky, and most of the time gross, holiday, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can turn this otherwise creepy celebration into a posh party fit for only the most upstanding citizens. That is not to say that your fete won’t be fun. In fact, the constant twists on tradition will continue to surprise guests, leaving them in suspense the entire time. They won’t, however, be grossed out by disgusting food or heart-attack-inducing decorations. Your Halloween party, instead, will be a thrilling evening.


Whether you have a late October wedding or just want to throw a wickedly chic bash, these ideas will assist in making your event one for the books. Friends and family will be delighted to discover your innovative ways to pay homage to the spook without going overboard. Keep things classy yet festive with these too-good Halloween party ideas.


Halloween Party Food and Drink Ideas

 Your Halloween party food can allude to the holiday without disenchanting your guests. A deliciously marinated steak paired with a side of ghostly mashed potatoes keeps things classy yet whimsical. For an even less obvious choice, serve a monochromatic dessert table, which alludes to the creepiness of Halloween without having to prove it. Themed Halloween cocktails are also fun additions to your posh party. Stick to reds, blacks, and whites for your Halloween cocktails, and guests will appreciate the elegant touch.


vampires-bite-apple-ginger-cocktail-recipe death-by-chocolate-halloween-wedding-dessert-table-ideas

halloween-party-dessert-table-ideas hocus-pocus-candy-apple-recipe


Halloween Wedding Dresses and Shoes

Your ensemble can “be” Halloween without “being” Halloween. Ditch the spiderweb frock for a stunning gown accented in black. Choose a flattering shape to keep things classy and avoid any design that looks like it’s made for the holiday. Simply sporting a dress in black will do more than enough to complement your theme. Have a little more fun with the shoes, and your look will be spooky gone sophisticated.

Mori-Lee-16511  Jacquelin-19885

Halloween Party Decorations

Ditch the fake spiderwebs, terribly carved pumpkins, and talking hands, and spice up your reception with creepy class. Black lace does wonders as does sticking to a dark palette of black and red. The small details are what will really pull the entire look together, so hang leaves from the ceiling or let your candles drip a bit more than usual to create a ominous air underlined with class.

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sparkly_pumpkin spooky-but-elegant-halloween-wedding-table-settings-21-500x751

enchantingly-elegant-wax-dripped-centerpieces    spooky-sophisticated-floating-leaf-escort-cards

How to Decorate a Pumpkin in Style

You don’t have to avoid pumpkins for a chic Halloween party; you just have to learn how to decorate pumpkins in style. Paint rather than carving will give gourds a chic appearance without taking away their natural beauty. Get inspired by these Halloween party ideas to turn Halloween into Hallow-chic.

spooktacularly-chic-studded-pumpkin Gilded-Ombre-Fall-Wedding-Pumpkin
exquisite-black-and-purple-halloween-wedding Gilded-Pumpkin-Wedding-Place-Cards

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