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Gifts in a Jar Ideas for College Students

What college student doesn’t love receiving a care package? You can put a spin on the traditional care package by sending a gift in a jar! Gifts in a jar are a great way to send a personalized gift to your college student because they’re a quick and easy homemade gift idea. The possibilities are endless, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite DIY gift ideas that any college student would appreciate.

Gifts in a Jar Ideas for College Students

Gifts in a Jar Ideas for College Students


Delicious Gifts in a Jar

Tea Time Gift in a Jar
The perfect gift for the tea-lover in your life.

Trail Mix in a Jar
Not only does this awesome idea come complete with four different recipes, but it also includes free printable labels.

Chocolate Brownie Trifle Gift in a Jar
This gift in a jar idea has our mouths watering!

Cookies in a Jar
Jars are a great way to ship cookies to your college student because they help protect them from breaking into pieces.

Southwestern Rice Pilaf in a Jar
My rice cooker was a lifesaver when I was in college! Getting a delicious, prepared recipe would have been the best!

Hot White Chocolate Mix in a Jar
We can’t forget about the classic hot chocolate mix in a jar gift! Put a spin on a classic by sending this white hot chocolate mix.

Gifts in a Jar for a Spa Day

Sunshine in a JarBeauty Kit in a Jar
All the makeup and beauty essentials in one gift!

Spa in a Jar
This gift in a jar has everything needed for a stress relieving DIY spa experience.

Sunshine in a Jar
Nothing makes us feel more pampered and happy than sunshine in a jar!

Honey Citrus Sugar Scrub in a Jar
Honey? Citrus? We’re in on this amazing must-have for pampering.

You Nailed It! Manicure in a Jar
We always love some new hues for our nails!

Lavender Body Butter
Not only is lavender a relaxing scent, but it’s also extra relaxing when incorporated into a luscious body butter.

Useful Gifts in a Jar

Sewing Kit in a JarMason Jar College Survival Kit
The everything-you-could-possibly-need gift. An essential for college students.

Sewing Kit in a Jar
This kit comes in handy for fixing up any tears and loose buttons on favorite clothing items.

Herb Kit Gift in a Jar
Need some green in your life? Herbs are great for when you crave a freshness to your meals.

Get Well Gift Jar
This jar will be the perfect go-to if your college student catches a cold or isn’t feeling well.

Cleans Up Well Gift in a Jar
This is the ultimate gift for guys to ensure they have everything needed to stay groomed and in tune. It even includes a free printable for decorating your jar.


What can’t your college student live without?