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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn: Fall Jewelry Trends

Before I tell you the latest and hottest fall jewelry trends, I would like to thank Mother Nature and all she has created to inspire this blog post.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

Each season has its own picture-perfect moment that makes our jaws drop to the floor: summer’s first sunset, winter’s first snowfall, and spring’s first blossom. However, in my opinion, autumn takes the cake when it comes to the most beautiful scenery. You can’t beat going out on a morning hike in the woods and looking up at all the trees shedding their beautiful colored leaves. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!

Autumn is best known for its maroon, medallion, and rusty brown colored leaves. These jewelry projects all have one thing in common: they scream fall. From September to November, dress up in drips of burnt orange and merlot to celebrate one of the most breathtakingly beautiful seasons. These DIY jewelry projects incorporate colors that will match with any outfit.

Before you continue reading, grab your coziest wool sweater and a pipping hot cup of apple cider. You’ll be blown away by how a[utumn]wesome these DIY jewelry projects are.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. Fall Jewelry Trends

50 Shades of Orange

From pumpkins to camp fires on a cool autumn night, orange is a popular color often associated with the fall. Orange looks good on any skin tone and will really make an outfit pop. Whether you’re rocking a bracelet carved with pumpkins (pun intended) or a headband ornamented in metallic gold leaves, you’ll fit right into this stunning season. You can never go wrong with pairing this tangerine beaded necklace with a brown knitted sweater. Take your accessories even further by rocking these delicate dangly leaf earrings. There’s nothing wrong with rocking a little bit of nature on your neck, ears or wrists during autumn!

Red, Red Wine Colored Jewelry

Red rubies will never go out of style. Having a shiny pair of maroon ruby earrings is a must have in your jewelry box. Deep, dark reds are great to sport in the fall season. When you walk out of your door on a crisp cool autumn morning, you are bound to step on a couple crunchy red leaves. To show off your DIY earrings dressed in red beads, put your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. Match your red lips this autumn with a beaded red bracelet or wine colored gem necklace and you’ll be set to go.

Rustic Browns and Cool Coppers

As fall comes to an end, so do the bright colored leaves. But, don’t fret! Watch the bright reds, yellows and orange turn to a rustic brown color. Many people underestimate the beauty of the color brown. It’s the color of everything we love: coffee, antique wooden tables, chocolate, and cinnamon sugar doughnuts. However, these copper colored jewelry projects may just take the cake. These beauteous brown earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be worn as everyday pieces because of how neutral and basic the color is. Leather jewelry is a very popular trend, especially during the autumn months! While the color is quite simple, you’ll still turn heads as you strut your stuff dripping in brass, gold and copper.

What’s your favorite color to rock during fall? Let us know below in the comments!

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