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Halloween Makeup Tutorials: How to Look Scary Good This Halloween

Halloween is a time to dress up, carve pumpkins and stuff as much candy as you can into your mouth without feeling guilty. It’s the perfect holiday to jump out of your comfort zone and be creative. If you’re goal is to look scary good this October 31st, then boy are you in for a treat!

The costume is half the battle of dressing up. But what costume is complete without a little bit of makeup? These Halloween makeup tutorials will take you from a plain ole witch to a spooky, spectacular evil witch. And boys, who says you can’t rock a little bit of face paint to enhance your superhero muscles or bloody zombie scars? If you’ve got, haunt it!

Trick people into thinking you’re a real princess or scary skeleton by adding some makeup to your face or body. A little bit of cosmetic surgery can go a long way!

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Materials: What do I Need?

There are some makeup must-haves when it comes time to finishing off  your crazy costumes. In order to pull off your best evil scientist or fairy princess, you’re going to need some cosmetics to finish off the looks. Face paint is an essential in many costume cases. If you want to take the classic witch to the next level, grab some green face paint and lather up. Another item to make sure you have in your makeup bag is lipstick.  Lipstick is great for not only your lips, but blush, eye color and contouring as well. If you don’t own lipstick, there are so many different lipstick recipes you can use to create your own. If you don’t know what shade to to purchase or make, go for red. A red can be used for not only Marilyn Monroe’s famous pout, but for fake blood too.

Unique DIY Penny Costume

It’s all About the Details

If you’re not for caking on makeup all over your face, adding minor details with eyeliner or powder can instantly transform your costume. If you want to draw attention to your eyes when mummifying yourself with toilet paper, pack on a deep brown eye shadow or bronzer under your eyes to make your bags super noticeable. Taking some DIY black eyeliner, lightly draw some veins on your lids and a little under your eyes. Rather than the actual costume, sometimes it’s the details that make the costume come to life.

Sun-kissed Glow Homemade Bronzer

Create this easy DIY bronzer to deepen your eye sockets for that desire mummy look.


Full Face of Makeup Makes all the Difference

Some costumes require you to wear makeup, otherwise no one would know who or what you’re dressed up as! For example, if you want to dress up as a dalmatian dog, a polka dotted black and white shirt won’t do you any justice. But, a painted on dog pout, baby pink tongue and white and black spots will let people know you’re not barking around! A scarecrow face of makeup is necessary to pull this costume off. With some over blushed cheeks, a painted sewn on mouth, eyelashes up to the sky and an orange lip, you’ll look like you should be standing in the middle of a cornfield. By wearing a full face of makeup, you’re able to sculpt your face and completely alter your appearance.

Skeleton Halloween Makeup Tutorial


What makeup products will you be using to complete your costume?