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Beautiful Handmade Cards for Any Occasion

Have you ever tried making your own cards? If you haven’t, then you should definitely learn how to make cards because giving someone a handmade card is simply the best feeling! Not only can it save you from spending your money on expensive store-bought cards, but handmade cards show the receiver that you really care because you put your time and energy into making a card yourself.

There are so many reasons why we love DIY cards, and one of the major reasons is that they are fully customizable. When you have total control over the card’s design, you’re able to insert your own card ideas into the mix by making them with your preferred colors and sayings. The possibilities are endless!

Beautiful Handmade Cards for Every Occasion

So, we decided to share our love of card making with you and put together this gathering of handmade card ideas to fit any occasion. We’ve got birthday cards, greeting cards, and so many wonderful holiday cards to choose from. Feel free to stray from the design, putting your own personal touch and creativity into your card making.

 Beautiful Handmade Cards for Any Occasion


Happy One Year Smarter Birthday CardHomemade Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday! These cards simply say it the best.

3D Miniature Birthday Card

Happy One Year Smarter Birthday Card

3D Butterfly Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Printable Cards

Radiant Metallic Sentiment Greeting Cards Handmade Greeting Cards

Need a use-for-everything card? We’ve got you covered with this bunch.

Funky Washi Tape Cards

Simply Stunning Watercolor Cards

Free Printable Friendship Card

Radiant Metallic Sentiment Greeting Cards

Shabby Chic Stenciled Lace Cards

Elegant and Simple Wreath Christmas Card Handmade Cards for the Holidays

So many holidays, so many DIY card ideas! Here’s a quick pick of our favorites.

Gingerbread House Card

Easiest Ever Printable Valentines

Elegant and Simple Wreath Christmas Card

Sweet and Simple DIY Candy Corn Card

Hidden Easter Eggs Card

Basket of Flowers Mother’s Day Card

DIY Father’s Day Card

These DIY cards are great, but what’s your favorite DIY gift idea?