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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO: How to Make a Scarf in 1 Night

Coconut Milk ScarfWinter is in full-swing, so the chances are you’re getting bored of your same old winter gear. How about a quick wardrobe refresh that you can make in one night? We’ve gathered up 19 cool scarf tutorials that will refresh that drab winter wardrobe and keep you and the kids cozy. Did we mention that these projects only take one night to complete?!

These are perfect projects to create while the kids are doing their homework or while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Some scarves are great for bundling up and others are great for adding a fashionable touch to your outfit.

We also have quite a few scarves for the kids to create on their own. This would make a great after-school alternative to watching TV – especially when it’s too cold to go outside and play. These simple projects will create feelings of satisfaction and warmth for everyone.

You only have until bedtime, so on your mark… get set… GO!


Candy Cane ScarfHow to Make Scarves for Chilly Weather

It is important to remember that your clothes should keep you warm, comfortable, and healthy in cool climates. These scarves are just what you need to stay warm and not get sick during flu and cold season. In just one night, you will have a cozy, handmade accessory that you can wear for all your outdoor activities.

1.  Coconut Milk Scarf

2.  Candy Cane Scarf

3.  Ocean Waves Scarf

4.  Men’s Winter Hat and Scarf


Chic Retro Summer ScarfHow to Make Easy Scarves for Fashion

Fashion scarves are super popular right now, which means it’s hard to find one that is truly one-of-a-kind. With these fashion scarf tutorials, however, you can make a statement by making your own scarf. These pretty scarves can be created with any fall colors and patterns that you can dream up. Get ready for the easiest scarves you’ve ever made.

5.  Chic Retro Tie Dye Scarf

6.  Cute Summer Scarf

7.  A Scarf for Spring

8.  Spring Circle Scarf

9.  Really Pretty Ruffled Shirt Scarf

10.  Refashioned Green Tee Scarf

11.  Shamrock Scarf


Finger Knitting Braided ScarfMaking a Scarf with the Kids

Don’t leave the little ones out! These scarf patterns make it easy for the kids to make their very own scarf to wear to school. Your children will love these fun ideas and simple tutorials.

12.  Finger Knitting Braided Scarf

13.  Stuffed Animal Scarf

14.  2 Minute 2 Cute Scarf

15.  No-Sew Fleecy Scarf

16.  Stylin’ Infinity Scarf

17.  Winter Braided Scarf

18.  Easy Patchwork Scarf

19.  The Softest Scarf


What is your record time for the fastest scarf? COMMENT BELOW!