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How to Make a Bird Nest Necklace

 It all happened when I broke one of my sunglasses back in spring 2012 yielding me with two ovalish lenses that held promise as bases for making jewelry. I decoupaged one of them and added trinkets to the other, creating my instantly famous Sunglasses pendant necklaces. Over the years, I have created many variations of them, each being equally successful as the other with the most recent version being these shimmering resin coated pendants.

Birds’ nests necklaces have been around for a while and turn up back in trend every spring – summer as a popular Mother’s day gift idea. Adding such a quintessential component to these upcycled sunglasses gives them a twist making them a great gift for a Rockstar mommy – who is genuinely sweet and spicy at the same time! The contrast between the rustic nest and the shiny base makes for a great conversation starter too.
IMG_0244 copy Materials

  1. Sunglasses Lens (acrylic) 
  2. Nail polish (purple)
  3. Ice resin, stirrer, mixing cups, wipes
  4. German Glass Glitter salmon
  5. German Glass Glitter amethyst
  6. German Glass Glitter silver
  7. iced enamels medium
  8. Liquid Fusion glue
  9. robin blue acrylic beads – 3
  10. Royal blue sea glass bead
  11. 26g copper wire
  12.  26g silver artistic wire
  13. silver tone curb chain
  14. Pliers and wire cutter
  1. Apply relique medium to one side of the sunglasses  lens and sprinkle amethyst and salmon German glass glitter. You can use mod podge dimensional magic instead of relique medium too
  2.  Apply 1-2 coats of purple nail polish on the remaining area and sprinkle a little silver glitter (concentrating on the right) to even out the look
  3. Glue the birds nest* to the lens. Let it dry for a day
  4.  Give a coat of ice resin ( mixed according to manufactures instructions) on the lens
  5.  Pierce a hole on the top with a hot pin
  6. Using silver wire loop the pendant to a sea glass bead and that to a chain

Add clasp to  the chain Make the birds nest

1. Add three blue beads into a 3-4ft length (longer wire equals more coils) of wire and make a normal loop at one end. 
2.Convert the loop to a spiral and Push the beads back into where the spiral starts. Bend the beads in to a triangle and twist the wire closed a couple of times to secure it well. The spiral will give you a flat base to glue the nest to the lens
3.Circle the wire around the beads until you get the desired thickness and secure the coils with leftover wire by wrapping it at 6-7 places. Tuck the loose wire inside the coils
Optional: you can oxidise the nest in LOS solution if you want to for a rustic look like mine



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