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For the Birds! 20 Paper Craft Tutorials to Tweet About

bird13As someone who lives somewhere where winter lasts entirely too long, one of the first signs of spring that I look forward to every year is hearing the singing and chirping of birds in our yard.  Their happy song lets me know that warmer temperatures have (finally!) returned.  One of the things my daughter and I like to do this time of year is search the yard for bird nests filled with eggs.  We have been patiently watching a mother cardinal tending to her eggs and today her eggs hatched and her nest is now filled with little babies!

Just as birds in our yard bring a smile to my face, birds in paper crafting make me equally as happy! They add a fun, whimsical touch to your projects.  Birds have been a popular motif in all forms of crafting for a while.  When I first started scrapbooking 10 years ago, you could find birds everywhere in paper crafting tutorials, on stamps, embellishments and ribbon…you name it, you could find it with a bird on it and the trend continues today.  Birds as a theme in crafting became so popular the concept it even made it’s way into the popular Portlandia Put a Bird On It episode (if you aren’t familiar with it, look it up, you won’t be disappointed!)


If your next paper crafting project needs a bird on it, check out these 20 fun and easy bird inspired tutorials.bird14

Origami Paper Crafts: Birds

Using a variety of papers in your stash, you can create a flock of birds as your next project.  These origami tutorials will teach you how to make a paper bird with ease.


Origami Dove
Simple Origami Birds
Origami Hummingbird
Paper Birds for Coloring
Origami Flapping Bird



Handmade Card Ideas: Bird Calls

Add a “tweet” touch to the next handmade greeting card you create by adding a bird to it.


Mama Bird Card
Bird Paper Quilling Pattern
Cute Cuckoo Bird Paper Craft
Birds of a Feather Card
Flock of Birds Birthday Card



How to Make a Paper Bird

Birds of a feather craft together using these tutorials for assorted paper birds


Book Page Bird Ornament
Scrappy Sparrows
Paper Bird Mobile
Pretty Paper Birdsthis tutorial is in Swedish but is easy to follow and too cute not to share!
Paper Bird Mobile



Paper Crafts for Kids

A little birdie told me that kids will love creating bird projects of their own using one (or 2) of these tutorials.


Rocking Round Robin
Little Birdie Finger Puppet
Push Pigeon Toy
Oscillating Bird Toy
Paper Bird Mask



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