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How to Make a Tassel with Paper Fringing Scissors

how-to-make-a-tasselTassels don’t have to be all about yarn – making paper tassels is a really fun way to embellish any papercraft project with coordinated patterns and colors. Tassels are adorable hanging just about anywhere, and they’re super cute as part of gift wrapping and party favors, too. Make them thinner with a shorter strip of paper like these, or make them thicker with either a longer strip or multiple layers of paper. You can make mini-tassels by using narrower strips, too.

Fringing scissors are available in the craft stores now, but I actually got mine from my aunt, who bought them from a mail order catalog years ago, back when they used to be advertised for shredding your cancelled checks. Be careful as you move the scissors across the paper – if the fringe curls a bit, it’s easy to accidentally chop off a couple neighboring strands.

fringing scissors for paper tassels



1.  Trim a sheet of paper into a 6″ x 12″ strip (adjust depending on what size tassel you want). Carefully cut into one side of the strip with the fringing scissors, leaving the top third of the strip uncut.

2.  Roll the fringed strip evenly and snuggly around a skewer, adding a little adhesive in a few spots as you roll. Keep your fingers pinched tightly over the paper on the skewer as you roll. Adhere a folded length of ribbon or floss inside after the first rotation, leaving a loop at the top for hanging.

adhering paper tassel


3.  Trim a couple coordinating papers into narrow short strips to wrap and glue around the top of the tassel. Trim the bottom ends of the tassel as needed to even them out and shake the tassel gently to fluff out the strands. Add a small embellishment, like a self-adhesive pearl or rhinestone, and you’re done!

how to make paper tassel lisa fulmerWhat would you use these cute tassels for?