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How To Make Leather Jewelry: 9 Jewelry Tutorials You’ll Want To Try Right Away

how-to-make-leather-jewelry-free-jewelry-tutorialsI grew up around horses and the smell of leather tack. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of my childhood, but the smell of leather is calming to me. Perhaps that’s why the leather jewelry trend is so appealing to me. So I did some digging and found my favorite jewelry tutorials and DIY leather jewelry that I want to try! Learning how to make leather jewelry has always been of interest to me and I have collected a variety of supplies over the years. One thing I’ve discovered is that there are several different leather knots for jewelry and ways to make DIY leather bracelets that I never would have come up with on my own. Of course, leather bracelets are my favorite for summertime arm candy, so I’m working on beefing up my collection of go-to bracelets. Starting now!


1. Learn how to make a leather bracelet by combining your love for macrame and paracord. Perfection!

Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking.com

2. I’m pretty much obsessed with this super chic DIY leather cuff.

Chic Leather Bow Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking

3. I love this DIY leather bracelet because of the striking combination of leather and metal!

Leather Criss Cross Bangle via AllFreeJewelryMaking

4. I may be obsessed with learning how to make a leather cuff. Plus, look how cute this one is! I love the Southwestern touch.

Southwestern DIY Leather Cuff

Southwestern DIY Leather Cuff via AllFreeJewelryMaking

5. Pearls + Rhinestones + Leather = a match made in heaven!

Aqua Blue Pearl DIY Leather Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking

6. I couldn’t pass up sharing this earrings tutorial so I can finally learn how to make leather fringe the right way.

Multi Colored Leather Fringe Earrings

Multi Colored Leather Fringe Earrings via AllFreeJewelryMaking

7. Still popular, you can learn how to make a leather wrap bracelet and wow your friends!


Best Beaded Wrap Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking

7. The combination of beads and leather in this bracelet is absolutely perfect.

Bead and Leather Harmony Bracelet

Bead and Leather Harmony Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking

8. See? This combination never goes out of style.

Chic Mixed Media Leather Bracelet

Chic Mixed Media Leather Bracelet via AllFreeJewelryMaking

Loving this jewelry trend as much as me? We’ve got more DIY leather jewelry tutorials!


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