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How to Scrapbook: Catch-Up Tips + Giveaway

It’s that time of year again, summer has come to an end, the kids are back in school, you have started decorating for fall and it suddenly hits you….at some point over the last few months you fell behind in your memory keeping! Not just a week or two behind, but way behind. Pictures for all of your summer bucket list activities are still on a memory card or on your phone. The kids first day of school pictures may have been posted on Facebook, but that’s as far as you got. That picture of your first pumpkin spice latte of the season never made it further than Instagram. I am right there with you and will share a picture to illustrate the state I am in. This stack of pictures, that is about half of the pictures I have printed and waiting. You don’t feel so far behind yourself now do you!

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How to Scrapbook: Catch-Up Tips + Giveaway

Images courtesy of (from left to right): paper issues.blogspot.com, hydrangeahippo.com


As tempting as it may be to just move forward and not scrapbook the months you have missed, it is possible to catch up and now is a perfect time.  Before the craziness of the holidays sets in, I am going to simplify my style and do pocket style pages for the many (many) months I have missed this year.  If you aren’t familiar with pocket scrapping, it is a style of memory keeping where page protectors have been divided up into pockets that you can slip pictures, ephemera, and pre-printed cards into.  Some choose to add embellishments, some keep it simple and go with just pictures and the cards.  There is no right or wrong way to do pocket scrapping and it is an excellent way to catch up on several months worth of memory keeping quickly! This is a pocket style page I completed where I used pictures of my daughter, pictures of leaves as well as a real leaf from our walk that day along with pre-printed cards.


Image courtesy of mugsyboo.typepad.com

Image courtesy of mugsyboo.typepad.com


The 12×12 page I used was a combination of 4×6 and 3×4 pockets.  When I print my pictures, I format them so that 2 will fit on a 4×6 piece of paper, then when I print them I get 2 3×4 pictures to use in the pockets. I used minimal embellishments, and when in catch-up mode I will skip embellishments all together in an effort to keep things simple, simple, simple! I love the tips shared by this blogger on how to catch up on your pocket pages quickly and efficiently. One of my favorite things about pocket scrapping (other than it’s ease) are all of the fun free printables  available which makes it cost effective as well.

If you are a traditional scrapper and want to stick to the traditional 12×12 format pages, have no fear, you too can catch up!  One of the first steps in catching up is getting organized.  Having all of the necessary tools in one place before you get started will make the days you dedicate to getting caught up run smoother and faster.  Listed below are some great organizing and catch up tips that will help you make the most of your time.

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O.k., deep breath.  Ready to dive in and get caught up?  To help motivate you to print those pictures and preserve your memories, we have partnered with Paper Issues to give away a $20.00 store credit to the Paper Issues Shop!  Paper Issues always has the latest and greatest in scrapbooking products with what I can safely say is the fastest shipping anywhere.

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