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Knotted Wonders: 12 Macrame Patterns I Can’t Stop Wearing

AFJ - Knotted Wonders

Macrame might seem like it’s so 70s, but you haven’t seen these patterns yet. Besides, the trends of the 70s reemerged in the 90s, and guess what’s coming back now? The 90s. So don’t sweat it.

There is everything from charming friendship bracelets to bohemian princess macrame sandals in this collection of Knotted Wonders: 12 Macrame Patterns I Can’t Stop Wearing.

Macrame is the technique of creating beautiful, decorative pieces from knot-tying. You’ve most likely seen macrame before, as it’s splashed all over the web pages of hip and trendy retailers selling the bohemian vibe at bourgeois prices. From wall hangings and hammocks to necklaces and bracelets, macrame is the “it” look for west coast style.

New to macrame jewelry? We’ve got you covered! Check out our guide on How to Macrame: 7 Must-Know Knots to learn how to become a macrame pro.

How to Macrame: 7 Must-Know Knots


The good news is that macrame doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg—as long as your hands are capable of tying some knots. Materials aren’t free, but they’re fairly budget-friendly compared to other jewelry making supplies.

Take a look at these beachy patterns and pick out a few to make on a lazy day. The process of making macrame jewelry is pretty close to meditation—and you come out of it with beautiful piece of DIY jewelry to wear for the rest of the summer! I definitely won’t be taking off these pieces any time soon.

Black Orchid Macrame Earrings

Like these elegant Black Orchid Macrame Earrings.

Watermelon Friendship Bracelet

Or this adorable DIY bracelet featuring watermelons. WATERMELONS, you guys.

Inverted Square Knot Bracelet

This Inverted Square Knot Bracelet is an oldie but a goodie!

Wings and Waves Macrame Bracelet

And EVERYBODY is in love with this Wings and Waves Macrame Bracelet.

DIY Beaded Barefoot Jewelry

I’m pretty sure this anklet is the jewelry translation of “Namaste.”

Classic Rocker Wrap Bracelet

As a 90s baby, I’m kind of obsessed with this Classic Rocker Wrap Bracelet.

Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelets

… and this Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelet.

Fancy Macrame Bracelet


Embellished Friendship Bracelets

We definitely never made these at camp!

Beaded ZigZag Macrame Bracelet

My metal bangles can move over for this Beaded ZigZag Macrame Bracelet.

Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet

And I’m raving over this Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet.

Last one! Drumroll please…

Colorful Boho Chic Macrame Bracelet

If you can’t get enough macrame bracelet patterns, be sure to check out this collection of Fabulous Macrame Jewelry Patterns on AllFreeJewelryMaking.com!

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