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Lake House Luxuries: 19 DIY Lake House Projects That You Need

A day on the lake is a day well spent, if you ask me. There’s no better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than with some long time friends, family, cold drinks and food that make your taste buds dance. Living on a lake is basically like having your own little slice of heaven right in your backyard. While it’s nice, to say the least, having a lake inches from your home, there’s more to a lake house than just the water.

Creating that relaxing and inviting ambiance is necessary when you’re hosting a family get-together. To ensure that you do, these DIY lake house projects are essential when adding pieces to your cute cottage. From outdoor games your kids will love to comfy and cozy seating, your friends and family will never want to part from the therapeutic setting you’ve created.

Lake House Luxuries: 19 DIY Projects Every Lake House Needs

Take a Seat and Stay a While

You can’t roast marshmallows over the fire without three things: a chocolate bar, some honey flavored graham crackers and a cozy bench. These rustic styled seating projects will pair wonderfully with the relaxing environment that the lake house exudes. During the day, let the sun’s rays beat down on you (while wearing sunscreen of course) in a comfy sun lounger that reclines. If you’re feeling a tad bit sleepy, take a short snooze outside in a swinging hammock. There’s no better way to have some me time than lying down in a bed surrounded by the wilderness. When the sun starts to set, watch Mother Nature’s beautiful sky creations on an outdoor bench that will fit the whole fam.

Games & More Galore

What’s a night without some friendly family competitive fun? When the sun goes down, the games come out. Throw a family game night and play these totally awesome DIY games. Don’t purchase a board game that you’ve played a million times; create and personalize your very own giant jenga or a classic ring toss set. Half of these homemade games can be made for half the price if you were to buy it at a store. You can have just as fun (if not more) for a cheaper price! Can you say win-win? So gather around and get your game face on, because it’s time for family game night!

Giant DIY Jenga Game

Light Up the Lake

You need to be able to see what move you’re making when you’re playing your new games. These DIY lighting ideas will pair perfectly on your porch or patio on the lake. If you’re looking to add some farmhouse vibes to your cottage, mason jar lamps would look beautiful sitting on your coffee table. If you want lights hanging all around, string some tin can lanterns above your outdoor seating area and feel as if you’re sitting in a sky full of stars. Learning how to install outdoor lighting doesn’t take any electrician skills; just some creativity.

DIY Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane

What are your favorite DIY ways to dress up your lake house? Let us know below in the comments!

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