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Learn How to Make a Pretty Homemade Journal

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to begin keeping a journal. Whether you’re going to be chronicling your daily activities, doodling, or writing creatively, a little notebook is the perfect place to keep ideas or experiences you might want to revisit later. Looking back at old journals can make us laugh and grimace, but having a way to see how we’ve changed over the years is so important. I have a good friend who sews pieces of beautiful paper together each time she needs a new journal. She even gives them away as gifts.  I hadn’t realized until I met her what a lovely gift a homemade notebook truly is. How wonderful to receive a homemade book in which to keep your most treasured moments. Look below for a collection of homemade book covers and book making tutorials that we fell for earlier this season.

How to Bind Your Own Journal

DIY Book Binding: How to Make a Text Block

Homemade Journal Covers

The Easiest DIY Journal Project Ever

Upcycled and Bound Notebook

Pocket-Sized Sketchbook

Unbelievably Beautiful Eyelet Bound Notebooks

Loveliest Ombre Journal Covers


Do you keep a journal?