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Light Up Your Life With DIY Paper Lamps and Lanterns

When you think of paper crafting projects, creating lighting projects like lamps and lanterns for your home may not immediately come to mind but they should.  The translucency of paper works perfectly with the glow created by bulbs, LED lights, and battery powered candles.

Images courtesy of (from left to right): designandpaper.com, apieceofrainbow.com, delineateyourdwelling.com

Images courtesy of (from left to right): designandpaper.com, apieceofrainbow.com, delineateyourdwelling.com

Take care not to use real candles in your DIY lanterns, these projects are hot but we don’t want your house to be! Several of these projects use up-cycled materials such as grocery bags and egg cartons so I say these lamps get the “green” light on your DIY list as they are both beautiful and economical. If you are considering shopping for lighting for your home, check out these 15 paper lamp and lantern tutorials first and add a personal, handcrafted touch to your home instead.


Image courtesy of: pieceofrainbow.com

Image courtesy of: pieceofrainbow.com

Paper Lamps-The finishing touch to a room when decorating is often lamps and lighting.  Instead of buying a lamp, you can create your own decorator piece that matches your decor perfectly with these five tutorials.

Rustic Chic Paper Bag Lamp

Lovely Lighted Butterflies Lamp

DIY Paper Mache Lamp

Paper Wall Lamp

Origami Lampshades

Image courtesy of: mottesblog.blogspot.de

Image courtesy of: mottesblog.blogspot.de

Paper Lanterns-These DIY paper lanterns are so versatile they can be used inside and out.  They can be used as home or party and wedding decor.  Make just one or display them in multiples for added impact. From old book pages to scrapbook paper, chances are you have the supplies on hand to create these lanterns today!

DIY Paper Lanterns

Dimensional Paper Lanterns

Book Page Lanterns 

Paper Cone Lantern

Paper House Lanterns

Image courtesy of: adorable-home.com

Image courtesy of: adorable-home.com

Floral Lights-Soft floral petals created with paper lend themselves perfectly to these DIY floral lamps and lanterns.

3D Floral Paper Lamp

Egg Carton Lamp

Floral Party Lantern

Lotus Candleholder

Paper Lampshade Tutorial

Have you created a lamp before?