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Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace

To make this beautiful DIY necklace, I was inspired by rich, traditional Macedonian costumes and embroidery. This DIY jewelry tutorial is so easy, yet it’s such a unique design that is sure to become a statement piece among your collection!

The inspiration:

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace

Macedonian folk costumes have a centuries-long tradition. They’re part of the material culture of the Macedonian people and they’re an important branch of the national artistic creation.

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace

In the past, the peasant woman was often the one who created the costumes starting from dyeing the yarn, and then weaving it into coarse cotton cloths. These tightly woven wool yarn and cloths were used for sewing the parts of clothing and decorating it with rich embroidery.

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace


1. In making this fabric necklace, you will need printed fabric. I chose a colorful one with colors that resemble traditional motifs and colors. The design is retro but I thought it would fit the project I had in mind.

1. Cut out a square of fabric.

2. Cut it into strips.

3. This is optional – embroider the piece and add beads. To secure your design, in order to avoid fraying, fix it with a blanket stitch around the strip.

4. Fold the strip and sew both (upper) ends together.

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace

5.  Repeat this with the other strips.

6. Line them up to see what arrangement makes the design look the best. Note that I made the central strip a little bit longer so that it protrudes/stands out from the other strips and marks the center.

7. / 8. Make tassels and add to the center and the two strips (from left and right) next to it.

9. /10. Crochet a chain or use a leather or cotton cord onto which you insert the strips of fabric. You can add tassels to the cord as a finishing touch.

Embroidered Macedonian-Inspired DIY Necklace


If you want to learn more about Macedonian folk costumes, please visit me here.

We love a bright and colorful necklace paired with a basic white tee, how would you style this necklace?


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